The Long Island Chapter of the SAR was originally founded as the Huntington Chapter SAR on February 5th, 1909. The names of the Founding Members of the Huntington Chapter SAR are:

George H. Bangs

Henry S. Brush

Louis M. Brush

Carll S. Burr, Jr.

Tunis B. Burr

Zerbino J. Carll

Douglass Conklin

James H. Conklin

Ross W. Downs

Ansel B. Gildersleeve

Grant E. Hamilton

Clifford W. Hendrickson

George C. Hendrickson

Russell Hurd

Thomas E. Irwin

E. Stanley Jarvis

Percy B. Jarvis

George D. Bangs

Frederick M. Munroe

Henry P. Noble

Ebenezer S. Prime

Gilbert Prime

Camillus P. Rogers

Frederick B. Rogers

Herman F. Rogers

Everest Sammis

Theron H. Sammis

Townsend Scudder

Rudolph S. Titus

Gustave DeKay Townsend

Howard S. Velsor

Gentry S. Williams

Charles A. H. Willis

Daniel S. Wood

John F. Wood

W. Wilton Wood, Jr.

The chapter name was changed to the Long Island Chapter in April 2005 because:

  • it is more representative of our compatriots that live throughout Long Island

  • the awards we provide to Eagle Scouts, high schools, ROTC, and so on, are representative of all Sons of the American Revolution (SAR) members on Long Island

  • it helps us forge relationships with the DAR and C.A.R. chapters on Long Island, increasing visibility of our chapter as well as providing another venue for attracting new members

The following men have served as President of the Chapter:

Douglass Conklin (1909-1912) Stanley A. Ransom (1967-1969)

George D. Bangs (1912-1915) Kenneth W. Johnson, Jr. (1969-1971)

Charles A. Willis (1915-1916) J. Stewart Hilbert (1971-1972)

Frederick M. Hazzard (1916-1920) Reginald H. Metcalf, Jr. (1972-1975)

Hon. Isaac R. Sweeney, Jr. (1920-1923) Rufus B. Langhans (1975-1977)

John F. Wood, Sr. (1923-1926) John M. Miller (1977-1979)

Lt. Col. H. Stanley Todd (1926-1930) Walter R. Kuhn, Jr. (1979-1981)

Ralph A. Lewis, Sr. (1930-1932) Hon. Walter A. Saxton (1981-1983)

Reginald H. Metcalf, Sr. (1945-1949) Rufus B. Langhans (1983-1984)

Dr. Joel K. Skidmore (1949-1951) Gordon L. Holcomb (1984-1986)

Theodore S. Prime (1951-1952) Albert H. Meyer (1986-1988)

Ralph A. Lewis, Jr. (1952-1953) Charles H. Sullivan, Jr. (1988-1989)

William H. Shay (1953-1955) Henry D. Blachly (1990-1991)

Robert L. Corwin, Esq. (1955-1956) Walter R. Kuhn, Jr. (1991-1992)

John W. Ridgeway (1956-1958) Hon. Walter A. Saxton (1992-1993)

Frank H. Johnson (1958-1959) James B. Conklin, Jr. (1993-1995)

Constant W. Booth III (1959 - 1961) Reginald H. Metcalf, Jr. (1995-2002)

Robert B. Sattley (1961-1963) Desander Mas (2002-2011)

Frederick Rothe, Jr. (1963-1965) Edward A. Burns, Jr. (2011 - 2012)

Constant W. Booth III (1966-1967) Joseph P. Vermaelen (2012 - present)